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Join me on my adventures around the globe. Come closer and see the places I've been and what is next. Life is a journey, let's do it together!

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Keep on writing

Human beings are attracted to stories. Life stories, fiction, movies, nonfiction. Every generation leaves a sea of stories that the new ones use to learn and evolve.  Here you will find some stories just for the fun of it, to give some relief in life, to pass the time. Be my guest.

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Development of texts for websites, introductions, projects.

Blog content and freelancer writing. Besides developing the structure of your website, you have to create interesting and engaging content. Bring your ideas and we will turn them into great posts.

Translation from English and Spanish to Portuguese and vice versa.

Don't know how to put your ideas on paper? I can help you.

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Here we go!

I am Tatiana, born and raised in Brazil. I studied Cinema and have a specialization in Documentary Studies. Now, I am finishing my second course, in Arts and Contemporary Thinking. I am a curious person, always eager to learn, so I keep studying whatever moves me. When I finished Cinema studies, I saw myself being awarded in international script contests as I continued to write movie reviews and short stories, also being published in that field.

Time is something, isn't it? I've been in the writing business since I don't know when, always doing it small, for myself and some friends. Website texts, review of essays, film critics, texts on gender issues and travel adventures.

Now, I've decided to take action and put myself out properly, while I am receiving job offers and great ideas to share. This is new and old at the same time.

This is a portfolio website, in English at first and bilingual as soon as possible. The idea is to make room for new projects, works,  partnerships. Let's go together.


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