That's how I like it

Writing is a way of knowing myself. Writing is also a process of the mind and the heart combined and this is how I work. Putting 100% of myself on each new idea, engaging on great projects for the knowledge and the experience, with great joy and expertise. Meeting good people, creating new connections, developing a better life.

My story

I write since I was a little girl in Salvador, Brasil. Back then, it was love letters for my family and friends and some notes on my diary. When I was in college it was very easy for me to write about everything, it was a passion as much as reading books and watching movies. I became a movie critic early in the university and this led me to all sorts of experiences, in two specializations and in scriptwriting, writing short stories and essays, designing texts for websites and becoming a freelance content writer. Now I want to engage in new projects and let the good writing expand the communication with everyone, everywhere. Call me and we will make it true.

Let's do this!

Let's meet? Get in touch and we will transform your ideas in great stories.